htrarkog – How to Rank a Random Keyword on Google

htrarkog is the acronym for How to rank a random keyword on Google. It is a fake word I created to experiment with the way Google handles a certain word.

As of today, searching for this word yields zero result on Google and Bing.

I’ll not be linking to this post from other posts. The only places it will show up is on the homepage, in the sitemap, and in the category page.

Through this experiment, I wish to find out more about the following aspects about Google:-

  1. How long does it take for a keyword to show up in Google?
  2. For a truly unique content such as this article, will it get penalized if it’s relatively short, say, less than 250 words?
  3. If this keyword (htrarkog) does get ranked by Google, what other keywords do Google also associate with this article?

We are now at about 150 words at this point according to WordPress editor. I will start to fill the rest of this article with random mumbling to see if that makes any difference. If you’re still reading you can stop now.

htrarkog is an acronym that is commonly written in lowercase. Speaking of acronym. What other words does it remind you of? For me, it’s synonym and its opposite – antonym. And what about the word rank or ranking? The first word that came up on my mind is position, as in the position in Google SERPs.

About 246 words.

[Update: Aug 13, 2018] The homepage starts showing in the SERP, but not this article though.

[Update: Aug 17, 2018] The SERP now includes this article.

1. As we can see, it takes much longer for Google to process a new article (with new URL), but seven days isn’t really that bad for a tiny website like mine that doesn’t get much traffic in the first place.

2. One short article won’t get you penalized

3. What other keywords does this article also rank for?

I’ll come back to this question once the Search Consoe¬†has the latest data.


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