Coffee Makes Me Do Things

I am in a love-hate relationship with coffee, though probably more love than hate.

By nature, I am a dreamer — which is a nice way to say that I waste too much time on daydreaming rather than executing an idea.

Coffee and Productivity

Recently I found that coffee, a good cup of coffee at least, amplifies my tendency to daydream and to work on too many ideas at the same time. I supposed I should only blame myself for this. By the way, do you know that you can absolutely make great coffee at home without a machine?

My mind instantly clears up after sipping a cup of strong and aromatic coffee in the morning. What usually follows are various ideas that may or may not help improve my core business, i.e. blogging but they sure seem fun when I think of them! And they ARE fun, but unfortunately, many of them are short-lived and usually becomes a burden that comes back to haunt me after a few weeks (or days).

This article is a product of this coffee-fueled mindless brainstorming session. It doesn’t help my core business, but I feel extremely satisfied as I line up the disorganized chaos in my mind into orderly ideas then translate them into words that another human can read and hopefully understand. With each keystroke, part of me inside is being brought to the physical world. The voice inside of me that would otherwise not be heard now has the slimmest chance of being noticed by someone. And that feels natural… like quenching the animalistic thirst.

And all this happened because of coffee.



Feb 28, 2018

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