Redesigned: New Dark Blue Color Scheme for This Website

I got some free time on my hand a few days ago so I decided to tune this website’s design a little bit. No, I don’t have time to restructure this blog yet. That will take up waaaayyy too much time.

Anyhow, I spend most of my waking hours in front of a screen, my eyes are usually super tired. It doesn’t help that most websites are light in color. As the result, my eye floaters are becoming really noticeable. So, I had decided to give this website a permanent night mode. The base color that I’m going with is some kind of dark blue. I know some people say that blue lights are bad for you and that it will affect your sleep etc. But I really love how rich it looks and comfortable it is to my eyes. So that’s how we ended up with the current design.

The redesign (recolor??) may not seem like much, but it’s a bold move for me. For my other “serious” websites, I would never do something like this. Do you know that my revenue dropped by 50% just because I changed the theme? YES, UI/UX matters a lot! The good news is I managed to find out about the drop (only after a few months though… because it was hidden by my site’s decreased traffic) and fixed it. Coming from an engineering background where everything is obvious and one plus one always equals to two, this is super scary — and fun too at the same time. I supposed there’s something scientific to it too, social science — psychology to be exact. Anyway, I have much to learn.

If you’re not seeing the new design, which you should be, try clearing your browser history. Maybe the CSS file is still being cached by your browser or so.

Another thing not related to the redesign but I want to share with you here anyway: I’m running a keyword experiment to help us gain a deeper understanding on how does Google work. I can’t link to that post from here because of the way I set up the experiment, but if you go to the homepage you will be able to see it under Blogging Tips.


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