This Blog Needs Restructuring

Just a short while ago, I shared my thoughts on leisure writing. After publishing that blog post, I decided to go through all older post to check for broken links (I found one or two).

Looking at my other posts, I feel that some of the topics don’t really resonate with my interest. Maybe not the specific topics themselves, but rather the category that they belong to.

I think at one point I was secretly hoping that this blog would take off and become profitable. Which should not be the goal of this blog at all, especially with the way this blog is structured. Most of my existing blog posts are so different from each other that they don’t have enough synergy to rank well on Google. That’s my opinion for Google SEO anyway — post synergy — that explains why niche blogs work so for getting organic search traffic from Google search engine.

Moving forward I think I will be making some changes to this blog to make it more personal. I should also be adjusting my expectation for it. Maybe I will even move away from my trusted and loyal friend WordPress to experiment with another CMS platform.

I don’t expect anyone to be reading this blog post, but if you are, stay tuned for changes in the next few months.

By the way, I recently invested in a friend’s new men’s fashion blog. I will be helping out with the infrastructure and marketing side of things and also be sponsoring the expenses. Hopefully, that will turn out great!

I have so many things I want to blog about tonight. My ideas are just flowing non-stop. I really wanted to discuss some premium WordPress themes that I have purchased and used over last year, Genesis, ionMag, Divi. This blog is running on the Genesis theme and to be honest, it feels super overrated.

Perhaps I will also share some data from my blogs. Anonymously, of course!

Anyway, it’s time to feed my cat.

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