My Daily Schedule as a Work-From-Home Blogger

My daily schedule has gone through several major changes since I started working from home full-time as a blogger.

It couldn’t be more different from what I planned when I was still working a corporate job.

Anyway here’s how my current schedule looks like. While I try to work on weekends, my experience indicates that I’m not very productive on Saturday and Sunday.

My Current Daily Schedule

9.30 AM – Wake up. Feed my cat. Do some cleanup. Prepare lunch ingredients.

10 AM – Take a shower. Have simple breakfast. This is when I take my daily cup of coffee. I also read physical book during this time, note my emphasis on physical because reading an e-book on my smartphone offers too many distractions.

10.30 AM / 11 AM – Get some work done. This is when I’m most likely to get distracted to work on this blog that you’re reading.

12 PM – Cook lunch. Have lunch.

1 PM – 4/5 PM – Work. Usually, my productivity starts to drop after 4 PM. That’s when I switch over to some less demanding work such as technical maintenance and building backlinks (I call it networking).

6 PM – Dinner.

After 8 PM – There isn’t a fixed schedule for this period and I’m free to do anything I want. Sometimes I read, sometimes I play with my cat, sometimes I watch TV, sometimes I read. Most of the time it’s a combination of all of the above. Oh, and let’s not forget Reddit. I don’t spend as much time on Reddit nowadays compared to a few years ago, but I still spend an unhealthy amount of time on this social media.

1 AM – Go to bed. Sleeping late is a bad habit that I haven’t been able to change. My goal is to go to bed before 12 AM, ideally 11 PM, but it’s a goal that I haven’t been able to achieve for years.



Work ~5 hours – Overall I’m not very productive nowadays. I should rework my daily schedule soon to increase the work hours.

Sleep ~ 8 hours – I try to sleep as much as possible without using an alarm to wake me up. From my experience, my productivity is low when I don’t get enough sleep.

Meal prep and Meal ~ 3 hours –  Lunch preparation is the most time-consuming. It’s really lunch and dinner preparation because I usually cook for both lunch and dinner during noon. My breakfast is fairly short, but the coffee and reading session is quite long.

Reading ~ 1 hour

Remaining waking hours – 7 hours –  Too much time is wasted in the “miscellaneous” activities. I should spend more time in these areas instead: work, sleep, or read.

What is your daily schedule like?


March 1, 2018

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