5 Employee Appreciation Ideas

Confucius said, “If you want to be treated and respected, treat well and respect others.” This millenary quote can be applied 100 percent in the workplace and being applied as a principle to act with the staff in your organization. One tried and proven way to say thanks just by getting some employee appreciation gifts. … Read more

My Current Thoughts on SEO

Sprinkle keywords Don’t keyword-stuff. Google is like a scaredy bird with a small peck. Throw a full slice of bread at it and it will fly away in fear. Provide breadcrumbs (not the navigational thingy) instead. For example, if the keyword you’re targetting is “best green rain boots for big men with red hair”, either … Read more

WordPress Gutenberg Editor Is It Good?

Are you a WordPress user who is curious about the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg, but isn’t ready to make the switch? Well, I was in the same position. In this 3-min read, I’ll share with you what I think about the TinyMCE replacement. cluttered;dr – As suggested by its 2.5-star rating, it’s pretty bad. Don’t … Read more