Starting a Home-Based Life in 2018

Starting a home-based life in 2018

An average adult American works 47 hours per week. That’s 9.4 hours per day for a 5-day job.

If you sleep for 7 hours a day, your waking hours are 17 hours. That means you are likely to spend 55% of your waking hours at your workplace. And we haven’t even included the soul-crushing commute and its energy cost.

We should spend more time at home, way more than the measly 45% of your waking hours. Home is central to our personal and family life. It’s the place where the things and the people we care about so much and love belong. It is a safe harbor and a warm incubator for those who are starting out in business.

But we don’t just go to the workplace without a reason. Hint: it has something to do with money. If we stop working, we will not be able to provide for our family.

Lucky for us, we live in the hyper-connected digital era. There are more opportunities for us to generate income remotely than ever before (thanks, internet!).

So what can you do in the year 2018 to start living a rich and immensely fulfilling home-based life? Below are some tips that will help you to jump-start your new life.

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