5 Employee Appreciation Ideas

Confucius said, “If you want to be treated and respected, treat well and respect others.” This millenary quote can be applied 100 percent in the workplace and being applied as a principle to act with the staff in your organization. One tried and proven way to say thanks just by getting some employee appreciation gifts. Other ways to appreciate your employees without actively bribing them with a gift  are linked to the communication and teamwork, being represented in appreciating ideas, being respectful towards team members, and other elements. Therefore, these are the some ways to express appreciation to your employees in the company.

1. Respect Your Employees

Always respect your staff and they will see you as a figure that appreciates others. On the other hand, if people are creating rumors (including the leader), harassing others, telling lies, it will create a negative ambiance which is not good for the organization. As a result, remember that in a workplace, respecting, giving appreciation to other people opinion, valuing staff members regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, etc.

2. Acknowledge and Use Your Employee’s Ideas

Good ideas (and excellent execution) are essential to the productivity and reputation of an organization. Accepting an employee’s idea and giving her the credit make her feel acknowledged. The key is to be an open-minded boss. You should listen and take consideration of your subordinates’ input. This is beneficial to everyone in the organization — including the organization itself.

3. Be Accountable

Being accountable is a concept that takes time to build and it is linked to trust and responsibility. An accountable organization is represented by a huge group of people (in larger entities such as big companies or the government) or even in little companies created by entrepreneurs. Besides, accountability in the organization is not only arriving on time or attaining a positive performance, but it means that the leader, as well as his/her employees, encourage things such as giving ideas for a better result, taking risks, being a reliable team member, appreciating the team as a whole, etc.

4. Accept Your Employee’s Mistake

Everybody makes mistakes. It’s human nature. I’m sure you have made a fair share of mistakes in your life. Well, so will your staff. Sooner or later, even the most careful employee will make a mistake.

Also, it is essential to say to the employee that if he/she commits his/her first mistake the respective coaching and never criticize the person because it will be negative for the harmony in the workplace. Besides, it is necessary to give feedback about his/her outstanding performance and to take errors as an example to prevent to do that again.

5. Run Efficient Meetings

Meetings are a necessary evil. When done right, meetings are key to setting goals, iron out details, and exchanging ideas, etc. Meetings also provide the opportunity to appreciate other people’s ideas. However, long, irrelevant meetings are bad for productivity, morale, and mental health.

As a good boss, make sure that you and your employees are not promoting the culture of toxic meetings. You should lead by example by running the most efficient meeting possible. Share tips on how to keep meetings short and effective with your team members. Below are some ideas on how to run an efficient meeting:-

  • Is the meeting necessary? Can it be done via email instead?
  • Set meeting agenda.
  • During the meeting, stick to the agenda.
  • Cut small talk


The best way to show appreciation to your employees by respecting them and their ideas. Create a friendly work environment that allows them to succeed in the organization.

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