Building a High-Engagement Board on Pinterest

Lately, my Pinterest traffic is not looking very healthy. As I was investigating for ways to fix the relationship between Pinterest and my websites, I think I have finally figured out the secret to a high-engagement rate Pinterest board. It’s all just a hypothesis though, so proceed at your own risk!

Some of you who are avid Pinterest users should notice by now not all niches are equal on Pinterest. Some niches, such as outfits, get a lot of clicks and saves; some niches get lots of saves but not enough clicks, I know this can happen to quotes, maybe recipe too? And then there are pins that get more clicks than saves, I haven’t discovered those yet. Anyway, you get the idea that not all niches are created equal. If you’re from one of those niches that are working extremely well Pinterest, good for you! You shouldn’t need to read this article to get ideas.

However, if your niche is highly competitive and is to get user engagement, creating a board dedicated to one specific niche will only jeopardize your board’s performance. The smarter ones among you should have caught my drift by now. Yes, if your niche is not doing exceptionally well, your niche-board wouldn’t be doing too well too. To save it then — is to create a board that mixes in some of the best performing Pinterest niches.

Here’s an example but it’s purely theoretical of course. Say you want to promote books but book pins don’t exactly perform well. If you put all your book pins in the book board, the board will sink — together with your book pins. It’s a lose-lose. Don’t do that. Instead, create a board that covers books and something else that is related. Maybe that will be a board for book lovers, in which there are decorating tips for studies, bedroom with lots of books, perhaps different kinds of books, cookbooks, etc. Or perhaps you’re in the business books niche, create a board for Entrepreneurs¬†with tips and tricks and hacks for business executives and founders, mix in the book pins that you want to promote — while you’re at it mix in some business outfit ideas too. Instead of doubling down and going deep into a niche that is not performing on Pinterest, you wanna go wide and touch other niches that are related to your niche.

Remember: go wide, not deep.

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