My Current Thoughts on SEO

Sprinkle keywords

Don’t keyword-stuff. Google is like a scaredy bird with a small peck. Throw a full slice of bread at it and it will fly away in fear. Provide breadcrumbs (not the navigational thingy) instead. For example, if the keyword you’re targetting is “best green rain boots for big men with red hair”, either use this keyword only once or don’t use it at all. This “long-tail” keyword is analogical to the full slice of bread I mention at the beginning of this paragraph. Toast it and break it apart into smaller breadcrumbs instead. Instead of the exact-match keyword, use smaller keywords such as “best rain boots”, “green rain boots”, “green shoes”, “shoes for men who have a bigger stature”, “red-hair men love these”, “boots red-hair men love”, etc. Long-tail keywords do work, but not when you try to shove it down Google’s throat.

Where to sprinkle your breadcrumbs?

  1. Title
  2. meta description
  3. headings
  4. URL
  5. body text
  6. image alt

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