51 Home Business Ideas for Women

A few months ago, I published a list of small home business ideas for teensĀ that are perfect for the skillsets and available capital of a typical teenager.

This time we’re doing small business ideas that are perfect for women, for example, a stay-at-home mom, to start.

In this article, you will find a list of business ideas which require little to no upfront capital to start.

Despite the title, most of them don’t have a prerequisite for genders, though in some cases you might have a better chance at succeeding for certain gender due to social biases.

Profitable Businesses You Can Start at Home

There aren’t many businesses that you can’t start at home in this age of ubiquitous internet. If you’re willing to be flexible and creative, you can turn almost any passions you have into sources of income. But just case if you’re still unsure what business to start, below are some ideas to inspire your inner-entrepreneur.

Become a/an…

  1. Realtor
  2. Accountant
  3. Auditor
  4. Bookkeeper
  5. Virtual assistant
  6. Secretary
  7. Author
  8. Ghostwriter
  9. Copywriter
  10. Content developer
  11. Mom blogger
  12. Youtuber
  13. Instagramer
  14. Social media manager/consultant
  15. Call center representative
  16. Customer service representative
  17. Technical support
  18. Family counselor
  19. Marriage counselor
  20. Painter
  21. Craftsman (woman)
  22. Musician
  23. Tailor
  24. Daycare provider
  25. Pet sitter
  26. Elderly sitter
  27. Tuition teacher
  28. Music teacher
  29. Yogi
  30. Dance instructor
  31. Gym trainer
  32. Web developer
  33. Web designer
  34. Programmer
  35. Game developer
  36. Gardener
  37. Cleaner
  38. Caterer
  39. Backyard restaurateur
  40. Baker
  41. Artisan food provider – yogurt, jam, cheese, etc.
  42. Soaper
  43. Hairstylist
  44. Makeup artist
  45. Nail artist
  46. Fashion consultant
  47. Plumber
  48. Interior designer
  49. Landscape designer
  50. Investor
  51. Driver

Some of these ideas can both be a job and a business depending on how you structure it. For example, if you’re a secretary for a single person, you have a job not a business. You’re running a business if you are a secretary for multiple people and you’re not bound by an employment contract, or you manage a group of underlings who do secretary work for other people.

Also as I mentioned earlier in this article, this list is for your inspiration only! Make sure you do ample research on the legality of it because you acquire your first customer!

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