How Much is Divi Theme? Is It Worth It? (2018)

Divi theme costs $89 per year or $249 for a lifetime.

Note that the $89 is an annual membership fee. As a member, you get unlimited access to all Elegant Themes (ET) products — plugins and themes. Plus one-year support and update.

If you’re willing to take the risk, which I suggest you not to, you can choose to pay a one-time fee of $249 which will entitle you to the lifetime access to all themes and products made by Elegant Themes. By the way, Elegant Themes is the company that made Divi theme.

Note that the Divi theme is not sold separately. So you have to get the Elegant Themes membership to access it.


So, is Divi worth it?

Divi is a good theme by itself.

I used to use it on all my websites one or two years ago and that was like 4-5 websites. So that comes down to about $89/5 = $18 per website per year for me.

2 of my websites are still running an older version of Divi. The rest of them have moved on to other premium themes. This blog that you’re reading is powered by simple Genesis theme.

Anyway, some Elegant Themes plugins I found useful was Bloom — an email capturing plugin and Monarch for social sharing (more discussions below)

However, I stopped renewing the membership last year.

Why? Because I think it’s not worth it.

Let me explain.

First from my personal angle, then from the angle of a single-site owner.


Why I think it’s not worth it

Divi is a clean and easy-to-use theme, but the Divi builder (yes, the new builder) feels clunky and unfriendly.

It’s OK if you’re building a simple landing page for your homepage, but you’ll need all the luck in the world if you want to build a slightly more advanced homepage and maintaining it.

The plugins look amazing but are somewhat simplistic in terms of features.

Bloom the popup capturing plugin feels superficial the workflow feels somewhat strange. Plus it doesn’t provide native support for Sendy — a feature that Thrive Leads provide right out of the box.

Monarch the social sharing plugin was acting weird on mobile. Not sure if the developer has fixed it. But I found a free replacement that does a terrific job — Social Warfare.

Since the plugins aren’t helpful, I’m really paying the membership fee for the theme only. Now I have options like ionMag ($59 per year, unlimited sites) and Genesis ($59.95 lifetime – framework only). Both of them allows you to use their themes on unlimited number of websites.

But it really isn’t because of the price. If Divi had been a better, more powerful, and more feature-rich them, I would have been willing spend big bucks on it. But sadly it isn’t, and I had to move to other themes that require less effort to maintain.


Is Divi worth the money for you?

The important question: is Divi for you? Maybe.

Divi is for you if…

You run a web development agency and want to save cost and capitalize on the positive reviews (thanks, fellow affiliates!) of the Divi theme

You run multiple blogs, all of which require email capturing plugin (At $97 for a 5-site license, Thrive Leads is pretty expensive)


Divi is NOT for you if…

You run multiple blogs, none of them require email capturing plugin

You run multiple blogs, some of them require email capturing plugin, BUT you’re willing to spend on a better plugin

You run a single blog. I cannot emphasize this enough. If you run just one blog, there are way better options you can get besides Divi. Spend an hour browsing Themeforest, Many of the bestselling themes are miles ahead compared to Divi. I have had some good experience with the Newspaper theme and the ionMag theme. Their page builders are much more friendly to use and the available options to customize your blog is very impressive.


What do you think?

But hey, don’t let me stop you. You can always try it out for a year (or less, you can always change the theme!) and decide for yourself.

Beware of any review though, many of them do affiliate marketing and may not be as honest in their opinion.

Happy blogging.



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