Privacy Policy

Hello, welcome to my very unprofessional privacy policy.

I know I know… there are a bunch of privacy policy template that I can use online.

But to be honest they’re too wordy and I don’t understand them 100% myself.

So here’s the deal.

Anonymity – Yes. You are anonymous when you access this website. No one will know who you are based on the information you provide to this website through your browser alone. Unless, of course, if you reveal your identity to everybody in the comment.

Cookies – Yes. I don’t actively use it, but WordPress and its plugins may collect some cookies. Also if there are ads (for example, Adsense) they are most probably going to collect some sweet cookies too.

Data collection – Yes. I do have Google Analytics set up on this website. So I will get some information like traffic demographics, geolocation, page visited etc. Rest assured that I won’t be selling this data to anybody. I’m only using it to gain a deeper understanding on my audience.

By using this website, you agree to these conditions under which this website operates.

If you don’t agree (seriously though, there’s nothing to worry about), you’ll have to leave this website (are you sure??).




Jan 2018